white people care about when the pumpkin spice lattes are coming out more than they care about cops executing unarmed black people in broad daylight. 

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Wanted to draw her for a long time, so there you go!!

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"I pledge allegiance 

to the flag, 

of the United States of America, 

and to the Republic

for which it stands, 

One nation, under God 


with Liberty, and Justice for all.”

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This proves they intend to get away with their actions, which are definitely illegal and inhumane. Anonymity + power is a devastating combo…

wait WHAT fucking hell

#this is actually and legitimately illegal #not only does this violate several amendments #but it directly infringes upon madison’s statement in federalist 10 regarding safeguards against factions #not only that buy why isn’t the federal government getting involved #eisenhower versus arkansas national guard anyone? #even under a president who dislike integration he still followed the law #he was fucking conservative and he signed the goddamn civil rights act #where the hell is the fucking government? these events beyond justify intervention (via queerodinson)

Multiple choice. I am greedy and want it all. A sweet sexy slut ~boss